Maximum Insecurity Prison

Version 2


These are the bars that lace across your face
and this is the moat of sharks inside of which you pace
graceless, in the cover of darkness. You thought this
aquatic love of monsters, would free you
but it’s you who, struggles through the walls here
and falls there, unable to be strong where you need to.
You’re see-through, transparent, and
apparently, you can’t see
that you’re not free
though your eyes are bright in the gloom
in this cold room, with four by four walls
and the halls, that lead to no outside relief.
Sweet remedial freedom, free form in ways
but only sitting for days
staring at that corner in a habit induced haze.
You’re caught, you never fought
only bought your thoughts
and now you’ve got, no time to get out.
Without a doubt,
maximum insecurity prison.


Black Hole

Photo on 2017-07-01 at 9.34 AM


There is a hole in me
And my heart tries to fill it with stuff
But nothing ever fits
No matter how perfect it seems
Because the hole is a vacuum

It’s a black hole

If you get sucked in
I’m not sure where you will end up
I am just the gate keeper for the hole
I am the frame, the pretty border
That entices you to wonder

Where does it lead?

If you find out, let me know
Because there is a hole in me
And my mind tries to fill it with stuff
But nothing ever fits
And nothing ever comes back
And everything leaves
And then it’s just me and the hole 

Empty and vacuous

And enticing
Like I should jump in the hole too
And fall forever without a sound
But I don’t, and I can’t
Because there is a hole in me
and there’s no way to fill it with anything.


Watch Me



I bend at the waist, slow like that

I glance at your face, over my shoulder

Now I know, I have you, own you

You wont go, for now, you’re mine.


I steady the pace, no rush, it’s an art

I push down the lace, it falls to the floor

This thrill isn’t free, for either of us

I’m still here, under this glitter and scorn.


I know when to stop, before you take charge

I take it from the top, with someone else

Power itself, is always fleeting

As is wealth, and freedom and lust.